Friday, November 19, 2004

I am now the president

...of our Homeowners Association.

What have I done?


Rick Brady said...

Yeah - you've won your first political campaign! President is a big one though. I thought I was something special when I won my bid for Secretary of the Little League Board! (Actually I didn't run, they called for volunteers after the Board was elected and no one signed up to run)

Shawna said...

In actualality, I was 'selected, not elected' for the position. I thought I was volunteering to be Treasurer, before I know it, I'm 'El Presidente'. I plan on having my portrait painted -- I'll pose like Napoleon with hand in jacket -- and I'll have the painting hanging in the entryway to the building.

I'll also start a newsletter with excerpts from my, absolute power DOES corrupt absolutely...

Okay, just kidding about the blog excerpts, but I do plan on abolishing the HOA rule that says I can't fly my American flag, except on national holidays...communists!!

Shawna said...

Doh! I misspelled 'actuality.' Help! I may start making up words like W does!!


Mark Sides said...

What have you done? Well, if my experience is any guide, then you're in for a job where, if you do it right, nobody gives you credit, but if you mess up in any way, then you'll hear it from everybody. By the way, you don't get to know that you've messed up until they tell you! I might be just a bit jaded on this, but it's a long story and I'm really not that bitter of a person. (I was on our first board and was the Secretary.)