Monday, August 28, 2006

'Invasion' weirdness

For the last week or so, I've noticed a strange increase in comments on a post from May. It may have been one of the shortest blog posts ever -- the title was 'Conviction and Invasion cancelled'. The text -- 'According to Variety.' with obligatory link to the story.

Apparently there is either one very passionate person or several rabid Invasion fans who think people will see their adoration on a blog post on a little read blog which was posted four months ago.

I think they are finding it by googling 'Invasion cancelled' -- the post is the third search result.

Still, my plea to 'Invasion' fans is to cherish the forthcoming DVD set and move on. Besides, William Fichter has moved over to 'Prison Break' which makes me immensely happy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So, my quick review of the new Fox show? I hate it. I didn't think the script was great to start with, but the actors cast for this show raised my loathing to a new level.

I don't know why I dislike Rebecca Gayheart so much, but I do. And I understand she is supposed to be slightly unlikeable as a nosy reporter, but I don't just dislike her -- I HATE HER. I want her off my TV screen.

As with all new shows, I'll give it another week -- maybe the not a pilot episode will win me over, but the pilot sure didn't. I'm not sure I care about this season long mystery.

Prison Break -- my guilty pleasure. If Robin Tunney really is dead, I will do the Snoopy Dance. She was the WORST part of that show! Sadly, I doubt she is dead. I can dream though. I only caught the second half of the episode (stupid me forgot to program the DVR), so I'll have to go to the web to watch it in full on a fox website. I recommend Fox affiliate in Birmingham...just my personal preference, although the L.A. affiliate also has the episodes.

Besides, is anybody really ready for fall? We're all still watching Project Runway!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Across the River Styx

So I have returned to the land of the screenwriters!

Miss me?

I've been spending time with an interesting bunch of folks the last few weeks -- boy, have I done some incredible research for future screenplay or TV pilot. You all know of my unhealthy fascination with Taylor Hicks...

...yeah, I know. Sue me.

I went to Birmingham, Alabama last week to mix and mingle with other 'Soul Patrol' members and had a blast. In fact, I honed my podcasting skills by recording some podcasts while I was there. I think I'm finally ready to do those podcasts with my sister for Movieweb. Speaking of Movieweb, yeah, I've been off a couple of weeks, but I'm currently watching a lot of screeners I've been sent and am cranking out reviews as fast as possible. I should have a new column up tomorrow about the TV season premieres which are fast approaching! 'Prison Break' premieres next Monday!! I'm not ready for this yet -- I'm not caught up from last season yet!

So anyway, I've come down from my Taylor high (yes, I met the man) and am fired up to get refocused on writing. Finished my 'Medium' spec outline and am ready to crank out some pages. Am working on my pilot rewrite. Still not sure if I'm going to go to the Expo or Austin Film Festival (leaning toward Austin this year). And now that August is waning, it will be busy around this blog again.

Buckle in. Time to fly.