Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Observations about last night's tv

No new BSG. BOOOO!!!

The Puppy Bowl is fascinating. I almost got sucked in so long I neglected the real game. Although, by the end of the third quarter, I wasn't missing much.

Rex Grossman sucks.

Robert Goulet rules! Although, I think it is fair to say that the ad companies are in danger. If an ad that cost 12 bucks is at least as entertaining as a few of them that cost 2 million, why the heck do we need ad companies?? (I mean, some of those ads last night were just LAME).

Criminal Minds sucks worse than I imagined. I've only watched two episodes, so I didn't think I was a fair judge, but the episode last night was dreadful. You'd have to have the IQ of a small woodland creature not to figure out what was going on with the 'unsub' (Criminal Minds speak *roll eyes*) by the end of the teaser, yet it took the whip-smart team 3 ACTS to figure it out. This wasn't dramatic tension, it was poor plotting. CBS really blew it with airing this after the Super Bowl. Fellow TV geeks are saying that CBS should have opted for a couple of sitcoms, notably 'How I Met Your Mother' and premiere 'Rules of Engagement' instead. I think they have a point. Who wants to watch dark, ugly serial killer drama after America's favorite televison event?? (Considering that the fast nationals show that CM drew 26 million viewers, 12 million less than 'Grey's Anatomy' did last year, I'd say not that many.)


Bernie said...

Yeah I'm still shaking my head at that Criminal Minds. The big "puzzle" wasn't revealed to any of the BAU guys til the last scene of the episode. I mean come on, insult the audience on top of the characters of the show.

So going back to the episode last night, it appears it goes

1. weird murder (that we as TV watchers figure out in one scene)

2. BAU taking forever to figure out whats going on (and they still really havent)

3. The unsub reveals the big reveal to the audience and one of the BAU guys. The reveal that we "already know" *sigh* since minute 8.

4. Tune in on wednesday to see the conclusion.

And here I'm thinking, I gotta watch simply to see how CBS BALEW it.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Puppy bowl - some bad calls! Roughing the kicker my ---- and the audience watching the game was more interesting than the game.

Shawn said...

I'm still shaking my head at Rex Grossman. Suck doesn't begin to describe his performance.

Anonymous said...

Someone once theorized that Criminal Minds is popular for just that reason. People can guess "who did it" and they watch until the end just so they can have the satisfaction of being smarter than the show.

duncanralston said...

it's the same reason "murder, she wrote" was so popular. you don't have to think about it.
criminal minds does suck hard. as if the kid getting hooked on junk was a big surprise.