Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wow, has it gotten slow on the interwebs.

I finished the pilot! Again! Rewrite number 1458653286 is finished and the script is GOING OUT this week! Of course, this is just round one, but I'm glad to *finally* be getting something 'out there'.

Contest deadlines are approaching. I am working on a post with all the pertinent contest deadlines so you can follow along at home.

I'm back working on

Monday nights you can find me at BlogtalkRadio talking TV, films and other geek stuff. This week we talked Viral marketing. Next week there's an interview with a sci-fi/fantasy author and she and I will be talking Battlestar.

This weekend I'm doing the 48 Hour Film Project with a gaggle of other insane people.

I'm ramping up on writing 2 new pilot specs. One I'll be writing in Tom Blomquist's Pilot class starting next month at UCLA Extension. This is my 3rd class with Tom. Clearly I like the guy.

Oh yes, I'll be at Comic-con. Big surprise there, I'm sure.

So, what are you guys up to this summer?


thelazybear said...

Hey, good lcuk at the 48 hour film project!
Maybe I'll see you there at the kickoff party!

Fun Joel said...

Good luck indeed. I'd love it if you blogged about your experience in detail after the weekend!

Danny! said...

Congrats on finishing your pilot! And good luck on the next two. I was thinking about that Bloomquist class, myself.

Are you senidng something out for the ABC/Disney Fellowship this year?