Thursday, July 19, 2007

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

It's Emmy Time.

'Friday Night Lights' doesn't make the cut (boo!)

But Minnie Driver of FX 'The Riches' does (really?) Connie Britton is robbed!

More thoughts later. I have to get to work.

Update: Just saw the writing categories. Wow.

The best 'Lost' episode of the year made it...and BSG gets a nom! (HUGE!)...and three Sopranos episodes. No House. No 24. No Heroes. No Friday Night Lights. No CSI (the finale was really good).

And Boston Legal gets a nom for drama this year?? I mean, it's a good show, but... *sigh*

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Shawn said...

And as usual, zero recognition for The Wire. Guess that panel the cast attended at the ATA&S earlier this year had no effect. Seriously, at least give some dap to Omar.