Wednesday, December 05, 2007

CBS renews Moonlight, Big Bang Theory

12/6 UPDATE I spoke to an "insider" at MOONLIGHT last night -- they have not had official word from CBS on the renewal. My source was aware of the Mediaweek article and was encouraged by it, but was just as perplexed as everyone else as to what it means. For all the Moonlight fans checking in on this blog for news, I will bring you updates as quickly as I can get them.

CBS announced that it has picked up "Moonlight" and "The Big Bang Theory" for another season. These are the first new network shows to be ordered for an additional season (yes, the story says "renewed" not just a back nine pickup). CBS has also stated that if the writers strike isn't over by the new year, they may start airing shows from sister cable outlet Showtime, most notably "Dexter."

It looks like the sitcom writers definitely have a new spec opportunity. I think Moonlight as a spec is a little iffy, but we'll see...

Link: CBS to Air Showtime's Dexter; Will Renew Big Bang, Moonlight


Kid Sis said...

Huh. Go figure.

Thanks for the info!

kystorms said...

I was thrilled to hear about this on SyFy Portal, Moonlight deserves all the attention it can get, and CBS is finally seeing what its best move can be, to listen to the fans of Moonlight!
Thanks for the post about this.