Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield is go!

Woot! Time for giant monster stomping things tonight!

Now that the Cloverfield ARG is wrapping up, I'm starting to follow Yay for LOST!

My review for Cloverfield will be cross-posted at Sistercritics tonight.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That '' arg for Lost is mostly a pile of assfloss.
While you can learn about some things a little bit, like the Black Rock, most of it is painfully obvious.

And some of it is just silly. You are shown a picture of a girl. Zoom in to her mole and, oh my gosh, you see the words Black Rock printed on it in micro-letters.
It's like they just put random Lost-related stuff in there, chopped up an Oceanic Airlines movie with clips of a guy who claims his girlfriend was kidnapped or whatnot, and you explore this guy's desk for things that aren't very interesting or deep.

And any information about Lost's actual mythology is old or unrewarding and obvious.
The bit about Magnus Hanso being the captain of the Black Rock is old news as well.
It's obvious in the first place that Hanso Corporation (creators and financial funders of the Dharma Initiative) may have been started up by a guy who found out that the island exists via discovering it or whatnot. All this piece of 'Magnus Hanso' information tells you is that it happened a long time ago, rather than recently.

Anyways, the find815arp isn't written by the writers, and is NOTHING like the 'Lost Experience' we had in 2006. Now THAT was something. This new ABC arg, however, is basically just to get you 'into' the Lost universe again.

Then again, I know a lot about Lost and also the mythology. I'm a big fan. :P
I still reccomend you take a look at it, but it isn't anywhere remotely close to the 'Lost Experience'. Also, check out these websites to keep yourself up-to-date.
They have a link at the top for their 'find 815' information page. I just read that recently to see if anything nteresting was going on with the find185 arp. I don't visit that site otherwise.

And, finally,
The official Lost forums. I reccomend staying away from the 'Lost Theories' forum because its 99% ridiculous crap, which is why I left when Season 3 went on the air.
I STRONGLY reccomend checking out the 'whispers' thread (it should still be stickied at the top of the Thoeries forum).

Also, if you haven't caught up on the old Lost Experience arp,

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to plug my blog!

Haha, just kidding. I just recently wrote a big post about Lost. Give it a read if you have the stamina.

Anonymous said...

Awesome .. I’ve been looking up reviews and info for this film, and it seems to be getting pretty solid ratings. And it’s really interesting that they’re promoting the film with the fallen Statue of definitely sets an undertone of the America being attacked..Maxim actually did a little bit on it.

Nate said...

Cloverfield is possible the best monster movie in the history of film.

Garg the Unzola said...

I've only heard and seen good things about Cloverfield. I need to review it for my blog sometime.

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