Monday, March 17, 2008


So, it has begun. Last year I couldn't get tickets to anything -- partly because I was out of town, partly the things I wanted to see sold out too quickly. I was so incensed (as I am every year) I swore I'd cancel my membership. But I didn't.

Lucky for me, they upgraded the Paley Festival this year -- snazzy name (PaleyFest), new venue (the Cinerama Dome at Arclight), online streaming of events...?


Yes, for the first time ever, if you go to the PaleyFest website you can watch highlights of the panels!

Now, there was one panel that sold out ridiculously fast. That panel is the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Reunion panel. Apparently, the PaleyFest people have wised up, so this panel will stream LIVE on the 20th.

I already went to the "Pushing Daisies" panel, and I've three more I'll be attending -- "Chuck", "Friday Night Lights", and "The X-Files". But you can bet I'll be watching the others online.


Ben said...

awesome tip, thanks!

Randy said...

Yeah, watched some of the video excerpts. Sad thing is that the clips are just too damn short!

I will admit, however, that they are amusing to watch.

Cunningham said...

I think I saw the back of your head...

Emily Blake said...

Hey I was at the Pushing Daisies panel.

If I'd have known I'd have looked for you. Alas. That was pretty doggone funny.

m said...

Aye, I wish I'd know to look for you!