Tuesday, April 01, 2008

CBS announces new line-up

CBS leaked information about their fall schedule today, in an attempt to get a jump on NBC's meetings with advertisers tomorrow.

Curiously, it would appear that CBS is making some radical changes. Les Moonves said, "We feel this is a good direction for CBS right now. We're tired of everyone calling us the AARP network or the blood and guts network. We feel it's time to change our image."

To accomplish this, CBS has announced that all of its current programming will be cancelled. CSI? GONE. CSI:Miami? Take a hike, Caruso. Without a Trace? Vanished.

The new schedule as announced is as follows:


8:00 The Happy Super Fun Hour (imported from Japan)
9:00 The Wiggles After Dark
10:00 Newshour for ADD (stories only last 10 seconds)


8:00 You So Crazy!
8:30 Hey, That's My Salami!
9:00 Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom
9:30 Bawdy Sex Romp
10:00 Swingtown


8:00 Viva Laughlin!
9:00 Viva Laughlin!
10:00 My Mother the Car (updated)


8:00 The Town with No Crime Whatsoever
9:00 People Laughing (reality show)
10:00 No Old People Allowed!


8:00 A Girl Who Looks Like Hannah Montana
9:00 Little Brother
10:00 CSI (Candy Store Investigation)


8:00 Genre Show We will Inevitably Cancel
9:00 The Person Whisperer
10:00 Viva Laughlin!


Super Happy Fun Hour (3 hours)


Kira said...


Kid Sis said...

I'm staffed on Bawdy Sex Romp!

Shawna said...

I now realize I should have had more CSI offshoots like CSI: Coney Island or CSI: Carnival.

I also like shows with exclamation points.

m said...

I couldn't even get a meeting on Super Happy Fun Hour, and they gotta fill four hours a week. I heard they were hiring anybody who walked in. Even the UPS guy.