Friday, January 28, 2005

Film Friday for 1/28

If it is Friday and the end of the month, it isn't just FILM FRIDAY here at 'Shouting' but FANTASTIC FILM FRIDAY!! That means we look at the latest batch of deals done in H'wood, particuarly if it is a sequel, a TV show being made into a film or a remake of a previous film. Remember our motto: No good film goes with out a remake, and no bad film goes without a sequel. On to the deals...

January is a fairly slow month for dealmaking, since the bigshots are still too hung over from their New Year's parties and too busy lurking around Sundance looking to scoop up work that they wouldn't greenlight themselves but someone else managed to make on little to no money. Still, some projects of note:

Harry and the Butler - A remake of a 1962 Danish film (boy, at least they went obscure on this one). Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman will star.

Tron - remake of the 1982 film.

Spider-Man 3 - yet another franchise film. Sam Raimi, director of the first two, will direct this one also (so there's hope).

Toy Story 3 - Provided that they can find anyone in town who dares to risk never working at Pixar.

Yours, Mine and Ours - Remake of 1968 Lucille Ball/Henry Fonda film starring Dennis Quaid this time.

Not too bad this month. Of course, there were lots of novels snatched up this month for film treatments (the most well known probably being "The Corrections" by Johnathan Franzen).

Your viewing assignment this weekend, should you choose to see a film will be to see Hotel Rwanda if it is playing at a theater near year. I will be seeing Sideways so I can comment with some semblance of authority on whether Paul Giamatti was dissed for an Oscar nomination.

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