Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A needed Oscar category

Ran across this item today. Groups representing the stuntmen on films want the Academy to create an award for 'Best Stunt Coordinator.'

In a joint statement that the groups plan to release next week, they wrote: "Stunt performers are the only faction of the movie industry that must literally risk their lives for the sake of their art. ... The talent and expertise that is required of a stunt coordinator to be both creative and safe is enormous and highly deserving of academy recognition."

I have to agree. If costumes, makeup, sound and visual effects can be nominated, why not stuntmen and women who work hard to a) make us believe the stunt is dangerous and yet are able to do it safely and b) make us believe it is the actor or actress actually performing the stunt. That is hard work, and it deserves to be recognized. Of course, the Academy is blowing them off.

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