Saturday, February 26, 2005

Writing update

It's been awhile since I've updated anyone on my current projects, so here's the latest:

China Joe: Awaiting a rewrite. I think Joe's going to become a more active character thanks to great notes I've gotten on the first draft. Biggest problem I had with this script was that my main character is too passive. The secondary characters were really moving the story forward, rather than him. That will change in the second draft (and the screenplay will be better for it). Logline (for those who don't know what I'm talking about): A Chinese man travels to Juneau, Alaska during the gold rush and faces prejudice and hardships (action/western) Yeah, I'm working on fixing the logline since it sounds lame. Sue me.

Arch Rivals: I'm on page 43. I had only written the first act of this and it had stalled but I'm picking it back up and working on it. This is my primary writing project right now. Logline: After his partner retires, a middle-aged dentist faces new competition in the form of his partner's grandson who takes over the dental practice in a small town. (Comedy)

Untitled Winery Prison Story: On hold. My sister and I are still banging out the second act. Logline: A controversial rehabilitation program is started in a California prison as prisoners become wine makers and must fight to win respect for themselves and their wine. (Yeah yeah the loglines suck. I'm working on it!)

The Rosemont: This is the horror film, which I'm giddy about, but I still don't have a 3rd act, so on the shelf it goes while I work on finishing Arch Rivals. This is the scary condo building story.

Untitled sitcom: Sister is currently focused on her own project so this collaboration will have to wait until she finishes her short film.

That's it for now. Too many irons in the fire. I'm hoping at least one of these ideas doesn't suck.

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