Thursday, January 26, 2006

'Bones' crushed by 'Lost', 'Criminal Minds'

'American Idol' may be the unstoppable train, but 'Bones' is laying on the track. Bones dropped 62% of AI's audience last night, with audiences flipping over to 'Lost' and 'Criminal Minds' for the 9PM TV viewing. More at Hollywood Reporter.

I wouldn't consider Bones dead yet -- Lost isn't an easy foe to go up against, it would probably do better in the post-Idol Tuesday slot that House owns, since the competition isn't as fierce. Still, if you are Fox, you've got to be a little worried about losing more than half of your audience (which was substantial -- a 32 share!)


RT said...

While it's true that FOX wouldn't expect the show to pull American Idol-like numbers, they did much better only last week with Skating with Celebrities. I wouldn't expect Bones to be in the post AI slot much longer.

Chris said...

Fox putting Bones up against Lost and UPN/CWhatever putting Veronica Mars against it as well has to be my vote for dumbest scheduling move of the season (NB: I don't have Tivo, so I must make a choice in veiwing).

VM had great momentum coming out of the summer rerun. I've seen maybe one full episode since then. The Bones promos on Fox made me really want to watch but Lost right now is the appointment show.

Especially when there are much bigger schedule holes these shows could go against, I don't get it.