Tuesday, January 24, 2006

TV show blogs

UPDATE: 1/24 - This list is still under construction, but I noticed that people were looking for it, so it is back online. I know there are tons of blogs missing from the list. Patience, please. Thanks!

A new development this year was "added content" regarding TV shows...podcasts, behind the scenes clips, and blogs. The first two examples will probably end up on the DVD for that show (smart planning, I'd say), but the last...well, that's unique to the net. I particularly like blogs that aren't 'character blogs' but rather blogs written by the writers about the show. I've scoured the web to find these blogs and bring them to you.

'Behind the Scenes' Blogs

  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
  • Threshold (CBS) Yes, I know it's cancelled, but there's still some good stuff there, so get it until it is gone.
  • NCIS (CBS) Okay, it's an actress's blog, but get past the poetry and there are some insights into the process of making a TV show.
  • CSI:Miami (CBS) The Executive Story Editor, Corey Miller blogs.
  • Law & Order (NBC) I missed this one the first time around because it hasn't been updated since October. It is labelled the 'Producer's Blog'.
  • Monk (USA) So far, only one post, but hopefully this will continue forward. Also a couple of fun character blogs on the site.
  • Battlestar Galactica (SCIFI)
I'll add to the list as more pop up. I think it is a good trend as it gives us insight into what makes these shows tick.

Character blogs

These are blogs written in the 'voice' of a character on the show. Sometimes they are maintained by the actors, other times a writer on the show writes the blog. For the 'Lost' diary last year, the writer's assistant maintained it (not sure who is doing it this year). I have listed these by show in alphabetical order.



Ben said...

CSI: Miami has one, too, written by an executive story editor. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/csi_miami/blog.php

Shawna said...

Updated my list -- thanks for catching my miss!


Scott the Reader said...

It's tempting to start churning out one of these for characters in one of my unproduced scripts -- could build interest in the script, or even as an exercise for developing the characters.

Kid Sis said...

Have you heard if they're going to burn off the rest of Threshold's eps? I'd like to see them, at least for Peter Dinklage and Brett Spiner.

Anonymous said...

Only rarely updated, but:


Shawn said...

Excellent list, Shawna. And I'd be interested in checking out character blogs.

clarkman said...

The BSG blog was updated twice this week -- I think it's a Cylon ploy.

Also good there are the podcasts for each episode. Often lots of writerly-related info.

Thanks for tracking this stuff, Shawna!

Christian Johnson said...

Do you count blogs for reality tv shows?