Thursday, February 02, 2006

Curse you MTR!

About 3 weeks ago I remembered that the Paley Festival, populated with TV panels of popular shows, was approaching. So, I did what any person dying to see the cast of 'House' and 'Battlestar' does -- I bought a membership, with the express purpose of buying advance tickets when they went on sale.

The morning of the sale, I went online prior to the sale time to scope out the website. Hm, it says 'members' should have some kind of code to purchase tickets. I'm a member, and I don't have a code. Oh well, I'll call on the phone. Surely it won't be that bad...

...and then I had a 9AM meeting. Tickets went on sale at 9AM. I couldn't call until 10:15, by which time I learned that those two particular panels (including Grey's Anatomy) were SOLD OUT. What?? I spent 50 bucks so I could be shut out?

So, now I plead to my scribosphere friends -- if any of you were fortunate enough to get tickets to either of these two events (or both!) I'd be happy to pay you for one of your tickets, should you have been one of those [expletive] who bought extra tickets so you could sell them on eBay.

And now I'm wondering whether to call up MTR, complain and revoke my membership. *sigh*


Shawn said...

If you get desperate, there's always this last-ditch option: "For sold-out evenings, tickets may become available at the ticket table in the DGA lobby five minutes before starting time."

Priya said...

The code you were to type in was your membership #. They didn't make that totally clear, however.

Also, I've been a member of mtr for a few years now. The Paley event is their biggest one, but they have other member's only events that make it worthwhile.

Plus mtr is an awesome organization, so the money spent is worthwhile, too.

Uh, no, I don't work for them.

clark said...

I too joined for this sole purpose ... and was surprised to get a phone call from Member Services with my member #, specifically so I could order Paley Fest tix.

I'm sorry they didn't afford you the same courtesy! I'd definitely call and ask why you didn't receive your number as others did.

Unfortunately, I didn't buy an extra tickets to the BSG event. I'll ask around and keep you posted if I discover any.