Thursday, February 09, 2006

No love for Love Monkey

Widely reported yesterday, 'The Unit' will be taking the 'Love Monkey' time slot on March 7, putting Love Monkey on hiatus, probably permanently.

...and another one bites the dust.


Warren said...

Jesus, the window for shows to mature a little and attract an audience is just gone. I watched this show last week and thought it was fine. Cute, not remarkable, but better - much better - than Ed, which stuck around for a couple of seasons.

Both Cheers and Seinfeld took awhile to catch on, I believe. In today's programming environment, they would have been gone by episode three.

The Moviequill said...

damn, now if they put Crumbs on hiatus I am really up the creek. I'll have more shows I am not watching than watching.. I need a bit of advice/help on something tv writing related, can I email you?

naugehyde said...

love monkey has been in les moonves cross hairs from day one.

some shows are allowed to mature but not the ones the president of the netwrk thinks dilute his company's brand.

guyot said...

I think McPherson is in full panic mode.

He got lucky with LOST and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - both of which he inherited, meaning he had nothing to do with their development.

Now, on his watch, he's had Emily's Reasons - a pilot he LOVED six weeks before it aired, then cancelled after one episode because he said it wasn't "creative" enough.

Now, after debuting LOVE MONKEY during a stretch where it was preempted twice in its first four weeks, he's bailing on it.

Looks like the shine is starting to tarnish on the wonderboy of ABC.

naugehyde said...

paul, love monkey and the unit are on CBS not ABC.

but you're right, mcpherson either is or should be panicking.

Callaghan said...

I guess I can put away any ideas I had for a Love Monkey spec. Bummer.

Have to admit, while I definitely enjoyed it, parts of Love Monkey felt a bit forced. But I really thought that they would hit a good groove soon enough.

Really looking forward to "The Unit" though.....2 of the best writers on the planet are working on it...David Mamet and Shawn Ryan from the Shield. Hopefully CBS will give them more than 3 episodes...