Thursday, September 21, 2006

The story so far...

We haven't even had a full week of the fall season, but already some trends are emerging:

1. People can find the CW. Last night 'Top Model's' premiere was up 10% over the previous year. Encouraging news for the CW that people will find them.

2. Fox isn't doing so hot. 'Vanished' numbers are blah, 'Justice' looks destined for cancellation, and 'Standoff' is losing too much of House's lead-in. Their two new sitcoms are underperforming.

3. CBS can do no wrong. 'Smith' premiered to great numbers, 'Jericho' looks encouraging, and 'The Class' premiered decently (but not spectacular). I'm kinda worried about 'Shark.' I hope people prove me wrong.

NBC and ABC future still looks murky. Too many shows left to premiere. It's gonna get interesting.


Systemaddict said...

I enjoyed Smith, the acting was good- it was obviously a big budget premiere...can't go wrong with Liota.

But seriously- do you think the show will stick well?

Even though I enjoyed it- it was really hard to like any of the characters, and I can't help but wonder what arc they'll try with the story to keep it interesting. What's you thoughts?

wcdixon said...

Standoff was okay...Jericho was oaky...Smith was okay...but nothing really making me go :O yet.

Bernie said...

I hope everyone gives Standoff a few episodes. I think the show is awesome.

Vanished is definitely blah though.

Shawn said...

I'm bummed I missed Smith and Jericho -- thieves and nuclear annihilation are right up my alley. I'll have to catch them next week.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Jericho was better than expected. Shark can go away, Stand Off is good.