Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Attack of the secondary characters

So, I'm on page 58. Things are breezing along, which is really rare for me. I hit a scene I was loving to death, so much so it went on a page too long and I had to immediately go cut it back. But then I discovered, to my horror, that one of my secondary characters is trying to TAKE OVER MY STORY!! I don't know how that happened but that little s.o.b. Manny is trying to steal Dennis's story right out from underneath him. I'm not sure how to beat him back and bring Dennis to more prominance. This always happen to me. I get a kick out of one of my secondary characters and before you know it, that person is far more interesting than the main character.

Maybe I should put my main character in the background on purpose. If I did that, maybe I'd get the balance correct for a change!!

Now must go shave 'angry Manny' scene. Progress halted.

UPDATE: I wish I could claim to be the first to 'live blog' a screenplay (thanks for the link, Rick, I've missed you!), but alas, that honor probably goes to this guy. Still, I don't mind expanding my horizons and who knows, maybe I'm number two. I can live with that.

I still haven't solved my Manny dilemma. Old coot. He's getting in my way. If he's not careful, I might just kill him off. No, can't do that...really screws up the story. *sigh*

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David C. Daniel said...

Hi Shawna,

First off, I want to offer my commiseration as regards characters running amok. But it's a good sign: they can't be pesky if you haven't created them as fully functional personalities. Keep it up.

Secondly, as "this guy" you link to above, I can only say, mea culpa. Somebody had to do it :)