Monday, March 07, 2005

How to Succeed in Screenwriting without Quitting Your Day Job

I hope someday to be able to write a book with that title. Of coure, it will actually require me to be successful at screenwriting...and keeping said job.

Right, now I can only discern one major success point. Actually writing. I have spent countless hours reading about writing, thinking about writing, and maybe even writing about writing, but the act of firing up Final Draft and pounding out pages is the only way I know to get any closer to the success end of the scale. Does my writing suck? Heck yes it does!! But I know that if I keep writing and rewriting eventually it won't suck as much, and someone might actually think it doesn't suck except just a tiny bit. It will be a momentous day if someone tells me I don't suck. That would be cool.

Right now, I'll deal with the suckage and just try to get through it. Page 56. This week's goal: Page 68. Twelve pages. Nothin' but net. And I got some sweet sweet 'angry Manny' scenes to write...

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Steve Johnson said...

I'll bet it doesn't suck at all... Good luck!