Thursday, March 10, 2005

Keeping writer's hours

I'm just getting started. Granted, I won't be working too long because my eyes are already so strained from staring at my computer all day during my paid gig. Still, must get to page 60 tonight. I've still got 10 pages to go to hit this week's goal (I'm on page 58). Then I had the discussion with my sister regarding the rewrite. I want to try to get it in shape to enter in a couple of contests that have May and June deadlines. That requires finishing the script in the next three weeks, getting people to read it and rip it apart, then spend a month rewriting, getting another read with more notes, polish and submit.

It's going to be tight. I'm psyched.

As to the TV spec, if anyone knows anyone at Fox TV that has access to a script for House, MD drop me a line. I have an idea for that show, but I don't have their show format and it is such a new show it cannot be found online yet, not even at Drew's Script-orama.

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