Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back from Vegas

No, I didn't win any money, so 'Plan B' (i.e. Keep the Day Job) is still in effect. 'Plan A', otherwise known as 'Win the Lotto and/or Sell Spec to quit said Day Job' is on hold for another day.

Otherwise, it was a good weekend and a good break. Sorry to miss the Screenblogger's Shindig, but hopefully no one had a swordfight. I'd hate to miss a good swordfight.

I've got some stuff to blog about this week, so stay tuned. More to come on Monday.


Fun Joel said...

No, no swordfights, but I've always wanted to be involved in a genuine bar brawl. That didn't happen either. Or at least, not that I'm saying!

Bill Cunningham said...

Sorry we didn't get to meet Shawna.
A pic of the perpetrators is up on Disc/
(I'm the handsome one)


Anonymous said...

when you go to the land of sin what do you like to do best? gamble and if so slots, cards? do the people watch restaurant thing, go see the shows? I just love it there

moses said...

I won a hundred dollars from the slots once... then pissed it all away... good to see you back.