Monday, July 24, 2006

My Con Adventure

For the first time ever, I headed down to the San Diego ComiCon on Saturday. Though I missed a lot of morning events, I got to experience a lot in a day, and now feel I have the knowledge I need to make the most out of 2 or 3 days of the Con next year. A couple of tidbits that won't really make it into my Movieweb column:

Met Rene Echevarria, showrunner for 'Medium' and Brannon Braga. Somehow I managed to get posters from the NBC booth in the main hall which allowed me to get autographs from them after the TV Guide sponsored panel they both attended. They were both very nice and though I didn't get much time to talk to them, I was able to share that I was a 'spec monkey' (even mentioned to Rene that I am now writing a 'Medium' spec!)

Also met Frank Spotnitz who I interviewed for a couple of minutes -- some of those questions will appear in my article. He was also signing autographs in the main hall, but of course there was NO LINE. Handy tip for meeting writers -- find out where they are signing autographs.

Saw the 'Veronica Mars' panel, which rocked. I do think Rob Thomas has figured out a way to try to lure more viewers to the show. Next season will be split into 3 mysteries with no breaks between episodes for repeats during those blocs (a la the new 'Lost' paradigm, which has learned from 'Prison Break' and '24'). There will also be more focus on the 'mystery of the week' so new viewers don't feel lost if they should happen to tune in.

Did you know that 'Stargate: SG-1' has been on for 10 years?? Quite a fanbase too.

Snakes on a Plane is really gonna be HUGE. I thought so before, now I *know*. They were selling Comicon exclusive t-shirts for $20 and they were FLYING off the shelves. Imagine that, Transformers was giving t-shirts away (and they did run out), but people were paying for the priviledge of advertising Snakes on a Plane. New Line hit the jackpot on that one.

I need to have a stern talking to Disney about their presentations. Most were disappointed that there was no preview of the 3-D 'Nightmare Before Christmas'. Boo-hiss.

Highly recommend going to the Con. If you didn't think it was worth it already, let me emphasize what a learning experience it can be. My column should go up tonight/tomorrow with the rest of my day's experience.

Oh, I also have some exciting developments on the writing front. Nothing I can speak of yet, but keep your fingers crossed for me!


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Fingers crossed. And, two toes.

Systemaddict said...

I went for 4 days last year, and man...exausting. There's definitely an infectious air about the place as well- aside from business there's just so many people there for the love of their childhood memories.

Fingers crossed for you...


Chesher Cat said...

My fingers are always crossed for you, Shawna.

Bill Cunningham said...

Now you know my people. The ones to whom I will be selling my fine wares...movies, comics, action figures.