Thursday, August 17, 2006

Across the River Styx

So I have returned to the land of the screenwriters!

Miss me?

I've been spending time with an interesting bunch of folks the last few weeks -- boy, have I done some incredible research for future screenplay or TV pilot. You all know of my unhealthy fascination with Taylor Hicks...

...yeah, I know. Sue me.

I went to Birmingham, Alabama last week to mix and mingle with other 'Soul Patrol' members and had a blast. In fact, I honed my podcasting skills by recording some podcasts while I was there. I think I'm finally ready to do those podcasts with my sister for Movieweb. Speaking of Movieweb, yeah, I've been off a couple of weeks, but I'm currently watching a lot of screeners I've been sent and am cranking out reviews as fast as possible. I should have a new column up tomorrow about the TV season premieres which are fast approaching! 'Prison Break' premieres next Monday!! I'm not ready for this yet -- I'm not caught up from last season yet!

So anyway, I've come down from my Taylor high (yes, I met the man) and am fired up to get refocused on writing. Finished my 'Medium' spec outline and am ready to crank out some pages. Am working on my pilot rewrite. Still not sure if I'm going to go to the Expo or Austin Film Festival (leaning toward Austin this year). And now that August is waning, it will be busy around this blog again.

Buckle in. Time to fly.


Anonymous said...

No offense, but I never got the whole obsession with celebs, especially ones who have about 10 minutes of fame left.

- Allen

Julie O. said...

Right on, Shawna! Great job getting in there and meeting the guys.

Now, let's see you apply those bulldoggin' skills to some TV and Film folks!

MaryAn Batchellor said...

I'm a fan of very, very few. But, you've inspired me to go meet Tony Shalhoub. What are the stalking laws in L.A.?

John Donald Carlucci said...

I was wondering if you were coming back.


amynoroom said...

Shawna, it was so much fun in Birmingham and I'm so glad I had a chance to meet you and hang out with you!!! *hugs*


Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong about Vanished and you are going to be amazed on its popularity this year especially with a great lead in like "Prison Break". I do agree with you about Rebecca Gayheart, I have this love/hate relationship with this actress. She, for some reason, is always on great shows that always get cancelled. She died only a few episodes in SHO "Dead Like Me". I know she got in trouble a few years ago on a hit and run. I don't know what her problem is but I don't like her on the show and I hate her straight hair. As far as Gale Harold, I love that guy but I can't believe he went from being a gay guy in "Queer's Folk" to an FBI Agent. I hope this show does well because I want Gale Harold to be very successful because he deserves it. Keep up with the comments, I enjoy them and I go to your site on a daily basis. If you missed Prison Break last night, it will play again this week on FOX. I too hated Veronica on Prison Break and I'm glad she is gone. She reminded me of Lois Lane and she should of been casted for that in the new Superman.

Piacere said...

Hi Roomie!!!

Miss you lots - hope you had a GREAT birthday and enjoyed the ice cream cake!!! Have fun at the Viper for me, ok? Hugs!!