Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So, my quick review of the new Fox show? I hate it. I didn't think the script was great to start with, but the actors cast for this show raised my loathing to a new level.

I don't know why I dislike Rebecca Gayheart so much, but I do. And I understand she is supposed to be slightly unlikeable as a nosy reporter, but I don't just dislike her -- I HATE HER. I want her off my TV screen.

As with all new shows, I'll give it another week -- maybe the not a pilot episode will win me over, but the pilot sure didn't. I'm not sure I care about this season long mystery.

Prison Break -- my guilty pleasure. If Robin Tunney really is dead, I will do the Snoopy Dance. She was the WORST part of that show! Sadly, I doubt she is dead. I can dream though. I only caught the second half of the episode (stupid me forgot to program the DVR), so I'll have to go to the web to watch it in full on a fox website. I recommend Fox affiliate in Birmingham...just my personal preference, although the L.A. affiliate also has the episodes.

Besides, is anybody really ready for fall? We're all still watching Project Runway!


Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong about Vanished and you are going to be amazed on its popularity this year especially with a great lead in like "Prison Break". I do agree with you about Rebecca Gayheart, I have this love/hate relationship with this actress. She, for some reason, is always on great shows that always get cancelled. She died only a few episodes in SHO "Dead Like Me". I know she got in trouble a few years ago on a hit and run. I don't know what her problem is but I don't like her on the show and I hate her straight hair. As far as Gale Harold, I love that guy but I can't believe he went from being a gay guy in "Queer's Folk" to an FBI Agent. I hope this show does well because I want Gale Harold (SO HOT) to be very successful because he deserves it and he is very talented. Keep up with the comments, I enjoy them and I go to your site on a daily basis. If you missed Prison Break last night, it will play again this week on FOX. I too hated Veronica on Prison Break and I'm glad she is gone. She reminded me of Lois Lane and she should of been casted for that in the new Superman.

Eileen said...

I disagree with your dislike of Vanished. Yes, Rebecca Gayheart is awful--I really hope they kill her off. But Gale Harold is perfect in the role of Agent Kelton and so HOT. The guy is masculine and sexy and can get more expression in his eyes that ten actors doing their best scene on their best day. I'll watch it just for him.

I do think it's a combination of CSI, the Da Vinci Code, and Lost and I LIKE that combo!

Chesher Cat said...

I went to the Fox night at the MTR last week. Saw Justice and Standoff - both very weak. Didn't stay for Vanished because it was too cold in the screening room. Tivo'd it and definitely thought it was better than the other two. I'll give it another episode or two to see where it goes.

Systemaddict said...

Shows like Vanished make me turn on movies.

And Rebecca Gayheart- from someone that has met her- is about as likeable as stubbing your toe 3 times in two minutes.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your dislike for Vanished. And the second episode, in my opinion, was worse. Why are they in Atlanta, yet nobody has a southern accent? After being so disappointed with Vanished, I pulled out my Netflix preview of Kidnapped, which I thought was the stronger of the two.

clarkman said...

Know what freaks me out about Rebecca Gayheart? She was cast as the original Inara on Joss Whedon's FIREFLY.

She was fired just a day or two into shooting, and quickly (and thankfully) replaced by Moreena Baccarin.

Anonymous said...

i hate rebecca gayheart, mostly because she is completely self-involved and killed a 9 yr old while driving and being on her cell phone. the other drivers slowed for the kid and she swerved around them and hit him. she should rot.