Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome to Specville (or What to Spec, Part III)

It's that time again. Time to knuckle down and hammer out a new spec. Based on a number of sources, I present to you a partial list of what shows are "specable". Also, since most people assume a show not on the list should never be spec'ed, I include a list of the shows you should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES condsider a spec for. Anything which isn't on either list could be considered, but probably didn't make the 'hot' list for one reason or another. Most likely, because no one mentioned it.

UPDATE: The Riches and Dirt on FX have been renewed. I think there *may* be a case for a spec of 'The Riches' -- but I am skeptical about 'Dirt'. I also think 'Psych' is a borderline choice. Stick with shows which actually get some ink in the trades or online...

Hot Specs (Drama):

Ugly Betty
Shark (likely to be picked up next season)
The Closer
Criminal Minds
Desperate Housewives
Boston Legal
Men In Trees
The Wire (one season left -- get in while you can)
Big Love (I'm personally skeptical, but I know someone who mentioned it, so it's on the list)

Losing Ground, but still viable (Drama):

Cold Case
The Unit
Rescue Me
Veronica Mars (until it gets cancelled)

Forget it; Spec only if you enjoy rejection:

Las Vegas
CSI: Miami
The Ghost Whisperer
Prison Break
Crossing Jordan (likely cancellation)
Close to Home (possible cancellation)
What About Brian (possible cancellation)

Hot Specs (Comedy):

The Office
How I Met Your Mother
My Name is Earl
The New Adventures of Old Christine
30 Rock

Fading, but still viable:

Everybody Hates Chris
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Don't Bother (Comedy):

The Class (likely cancellation)
The War at Home
The George Lopez Show


Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on that OTHER USA detective show,

How about "The Riches", which just got picked up?

"Friday Night Lights"? -- (too early to tell?)

HughE2030 said...

I love going to NYC to see my favorite stars appearing at the Upfronts. When will the official list come out, I recall it was released this time last year.

Confessions of a Paparazzi

Shawn said...

I'd knock The Wire off the hot list - it's in its last season, nobody really watches it and every season focuses on something different.

Anonymous said...

I wish you'd quit giving PSYCH such a hard time...I like it!!! No accounting for taste I know...but it's fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

How would you actually spec The Wire -- an opener to a brand new season, full of new characters and a new investigation?? I'd love to know.