Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fun with search terms

I love when strange searches hit my site. Always fun. Sadly, doesn't happen as much as I'd like. I'm sure Brett gets cooler searches because he puts the weirdest tags on his posts. Usually searches for '[blank] show cancelled' are the norm here.

Today I got TWO odd requests...first up, apparently Scott Gardenhour has something going on, because there were no less than 6 google searches for him hitting my page. Scott, you owe me money.

Second was even better-- "jack bauer insurance". I don't know if the person is trying to find out *if* Jack Bauer has insurance, or if he is a coincidentally named insurance agent, or maybe it's a new brand of insurance (When you need to save the world in 24 hours, be sure you carry Jack Bauer Life Insurance! Accidental Death and Dismemberment not available in all states).

"Dammit! I forgot to pay my premium!!"

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