Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm not kidding with the radio show, people

So, I'm hosting Geekerati next Monday night at 7 PM Pacific time. Our topic is "Treasure or Trash?" as we'll discuss those cinematic, comic, tv, and other media wonders which might be considered either depending on the person. If you'd like to post a list of your treasures or trash, do it here and I'll read it on air, giving you due credit of course. If you only have your screenname and not a real one, well that's what I'm using, so be sure to tell me if you want credit as you or as your phantom internet you.

We'll also be GIVING AWAY -- That's right, FREE one copy of each of the hosts top treasure pick, most likely a DVD, comic or book. All you need to do to be elligible for this giveaway is 1 of 2 things:

1. Post a treasure/trash item here (I also refer to these as no-guilt pleasures of a questionable nature) and leave your email/name/some form of contact info. If you don't want to be public about your treasure, you can email it to me at the address in the sidebar. (And it would be nice if you could give us a know, for the stats).

2. Call in to our show live on Monday night with your treasure/trash and you'll be elligible. If we have more than 3 people, we'll be drawing randomly for winners.

So, tell your friends, your neighbors, or your enemies if you are so inclined. We'd like to see a spike in our listernship this week.

Oh and if you think we suck, feel free to email me that comment.

Final note: if you are an industry type person who wants to talk about a project that would appeal to a geek audience, drop me a line as we are looking for future guests for our show. Topic suggestions are also welcome.

You guys are the best. But you knew this.

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Second Team said...

Congratulations Shawna! I will definitely be listening. If not live then on tape delay.

God, I've worked on almost nothing but trash as a STAND IN.

I love(d) The Larry Sanders Show, which some people apparently don't get. You also must check out Real Life, a film directed, written and starring comedian Albert Brooks. This film was made in 1979 and was a satire on Reality TV. Featuring Charles Grodin, the movie was 28 years ahead of it's time. Again not everyone's cup of joe.

I cherish these two Treasures because they take the piss out of the oh-so loathesome "Industry" I have been slave to for the past 10 years.

As an industry type person I would love to talk about my Twitter and developing blog ( about being a professional STAND IN on Network TV Shows and FEATURE Films. But I can't phone in as it would break my anonymity therefore putting my so-called career in jeopardy.

Alan Smithee