Wednesday, September 19, 2007

K-Ville has a promising premiere

The premiere numbers were a bit better than the numbers "Vanished" got last year. Whether it holds up in week 2, will really depend on how much it loses from going up against 'Heroes' premiere next week.

And really Jill's breakdown of K-Ville's pilot is a must read for aspiring TV writers.

In fact, her blog is now one of the top ones I read every day. Just too much good insight and analysis to NOT read it.

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Patrick X said...

What does episode 3 entitled 'Bedfellows' mean? I hope its not what the name sounds like. If so, how could the actors sell out by portraying a guy cops in New Orleans.

How does this have to do with brothels?

K-Ville on Fox's Fall TV Must-See; Episode 3, Bedfellows