Friday, September 21, 2007

Writing while fatigued

I'm trying to finish the first draft of my new pilot spec in the next 8 days. Of course, today I'm feeling under the weather. I can barely hold a thought in my head for more than a few seconds (I find even typing passwords to be taxing). This does not bode well for cranking out pages.

Suggestions? I'm already loading up on Vitamin C and chicken noodle soup...


DanO said...

My advice on writing while addle-brained: don't. You're not doing yourself any favors. Rest and recharge so you can make the most of the days you have left. If you force yourself to work while sick, it's just going to drag you down the week ahead.

I just went through this same thing last week and nothing helped more than sleep. Remember sleep?

Kira said...

Honestly, take the time you need to rest and feel better. You'll get well faster so you can return to writing with full energy.

Julie O. said...

I've occasionally done *better* work while exhausted or hopped up on cold meds -- think it removes the active editor from the writing process.

If you can stand to sit (heh), knock out some pages -- knowing they may suck -- and even if they do, you then, at least, have some clay to mold when you're feeling better. Plus, the pilot will stay active in your subconscious when you nod off and you might get lucky and solve story problems in your sleep.

And Advil Cold & Sinus. I swear by it.

Feel better! If you build it, they will come ;)


Isaac Ho said...

Too much coffee will dissolve your stomach.


MattDW said...

My theory about writing while sick has always been that if it's rough draft work it'll probably be better than you think but if it's fine-tuning it'll probably be worse.

Fun Joel said...

Changing location sometimes works for me. Write in the park, or go to a coffee shop (making sure to bring headphones so the noises don't distract you). And if that doesn't work -- yeah, just rest up. Don't fight it.

Feel better! (Guess that means I won't be seeing you at 'oke tonight.)

Jill Golick said...

Oregano oil, though foul tasting, is a natural antibiotic and gets rid of symptoms fast.

I find my writing is way better when I'm enjoying it and if you're sick and forcing out every line it may show in the end result.

A couple of alternatives: take to you bed with dvds of shows that have similar voices to what you're trying to achieve with your own script and while you heal let the voice ooze into you.

Or work with your outline: reread it, elaborate on it, think about the structure of the scenes yet to be written. So when you get back to writing, you'll know those scenes and be ready to just pump them out.

Bill Cunningham said...

Deep tissue massage - plenty of water - and fruit juices high in fibre.

A cleansing that always works for me. Relaxing, purging and then refreshing as you recover.

Shawn said...

You could always try the Kerouac method - lots of amphetamines and coffee. Sure, you'll be up for days on end sweating buckets, but you'll get that script done in no time!