Saturday, September 01, 2007

What's the Frequency, Shawna?

Special "treat" today -- at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST. I've decided to do my own Blogtalk Radio Show exclusively about TV. I still plan to appear on Geekerati but I felt like I wanted more time to talk TV, writing and the industry.

So, give me a listen today. Call in and let me know what you think. If you can't listen live, the 'podcast' of the show will be available in the sidebar here or on my Host Page at BTR. I would like your feedback on format, etc...want to know if this is something I should do again!

More unnerving -- I created the show profile yesterday, and Blogtalkradio already pointed me out in their blog as a 'diamond in the rough' people should listen to! Yikes! The pressure is on!


Christian Johnson said...


You do this just before our Fall Season Preview episode. ;-)

I'll check out the archive later today or early tomorrow.

And...if you ever need a guest.

RikerDonegal said...


I'm new to your site and I really enjoyed your podcast. Hope you do it again.

I listen to (and really enjoy) a few TV related podcasts, but they tend to be news-based sometimes.

I really liked your way of putting your opinions into the show. News I can get anywhere online, but your opinions are only available here, so I'd be interested in hearing more.

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE! About time you took the Quantum Leap into the Twilight Zone on your own! You'll be terrific! Looking forward to listening! Wish I'd known about the first show! Darn it! But I won't miss it again!