Wednesday, November 07, 2007

From my visit to the line today

A few photos from the main Disney gate. There was a show of force of major showrunners in the TV biz with press. At least 100 to 140 people (second number including press) at the main gate today.

Joss Whedon.

EVENING UPDATE: Looked through my photos again, and found one that caught Joss's sign in the corner!

Showrunners wore hats (United Showrunners) and carried signs with the name of their show. I'm sure that was to help the poor press.

One of the best signs today -- Carlton Cuse, showrunner for LOST. "Do you want to know what the island is??" (Damon Lindelof is on the left, Cuse is on the right)

Hey, Sonny this one's for you! (Clarification: Josh Schwartz, creator of THE O.C., CHUCK and GOSSIP GIRL)

Writers at the gate.

ETA: Hi Whedonesque and Fuselage visitors! Sorry I didn't have more pictures of our fave genre heroes. I'll try to get more in the future.

Some additional comments: I would have loved to talk to Joss or Cuse/Lindelof or Josh Schwartz, but press was swarming all over these guys. I'd say the event was a success to put faces to shows. The signs were a great idea to not only identify a showrunner and their show, but also to really drive home how many shows were impacted. You can see a few in this picture, but believe me when I tell you there were at least 40 shows represented (I didn't do a full count) at this gate today.

4:30 PM UPDATE -- This video hit Youtube. It's Damon Lindelof and Marc Cherry at the Disney lot today talking about why they are striking.


Isaac Ho said...

Hey Shawna:

We heard on the line that the turnout at Disney was great and so was the press coverage. Glad to see some photos of it.

Not every picket line is glamorous but it's important that we keep our show of unity everywhere.

At one lonely outpost picket line in front of a service entrance at Universal we were visited today by William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman who walked the line with us for a while.

Isaac Ho

Shawna said...

I fully plan on visiting one of the less high profile gates when I can take a day off and pick up a sign myself, maybe even bring some snacks from Costco.

It was exciting to be around so many geniusy writers in one place.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Beautiful shots. Well done indeed!

Josh said...


I wanted to get over to Fox today but my stupid job made me do stupid work. Ridiculous.

Julie O. said...

Walk on, Shawna! I'm wearing red and pacing around my house, yelling chants at the dog...


chrissoth said...

See you on the picket lines.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Photos! LOVED seeing them!