Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Dreaming

It's that time of year when I, like many others, turn introspective, pondering what has passed in the last twelve months, thinking about the next twelve and what may come. We start to formulate our 'resolutions' for next year. Of course, first, there's the holiday of your choice to survive -- in my case, Christmas.

My parents kept badgering me about what I wanted for Christmas this year. Sometimes they forget that I'm a grown woman who doesn't need to be showered with presents, like I did when I was eight. Still, I know they like to keep up tradition (and in all honesty, so do I), but I was at a loss as to what I wanted materially for Christmas this year. I'd already gotten a box of brads from my sister and I had bought myself a new laptop last month. I don't often have time or inclination to listen to music so an iPod or other mp3 player would be wasted on me. I tried to think what I wanted and I kept coming up empty.

But there are things I want for Christmas. They just happen to be things my parents can't buy me in a store.

I want to become a better writer. Sure, they could buy me more screenwriting books and software, but those things won't make me a better writer. Only writing and more writing on my part will get me what I want.

I'd also like to stop being a procrastinator. It's been my lifelong bad habit, wait until the last minute, work like mad to meet a deadline...I envy people who get their work done with time to spare. Maybe someday...

I'd like a Mustang. Parents aren't going to buy me that one, and I've just paid my Sentra off, so I won't be buying one either for quite a few years yet.

I'd like to see less bitterness, hatred and spite. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I don't hold these kinds of emotions myself, but I see it everywhere around me. L.A. is a cynical town and it can be hard to keep these kinds of negative emotions at bay and some folks have just given up the fight.

I'd like to get an agent. Again, something that won't be gift-wrapped under the tree. This one I'll get myself when I have my second spec ready to roll.

I'd like more time with friends. Sometimes it feels like I barely have time to e-mail, call or visit with the few friends I have. I was blessed with meeting a lot of new people this year, and I hope to develop some long lasting friendships with many of these folks. Hopefully I'll find more time in the next year to nuture those friendships.

I'd also like to quit being president of the HOA. Ain't gonna happen, unless by some miracle, one of the new owners decides to take a crack at it.

Finally and most importantly, I wish for all of you to get the things you want and need. Regarding screenwriting, may your cool idea develop into a great story to tell and may your great story become a fantastic screenplay.

Merry Christmas to all. And for those of you not celebrating the day, happy holidays to you. I'll be off tomorrow, but articles should pop up every day next week.

God bless us, every one.


Julie O. said...

Merry Christmas, Shawna. I look forward to seeing you make all your wishes come true.

The Moviequill said...

I wish you your wishes. Merry Christmas.

Christian Johnson said...

Merry Christmas!

"I like to say a prayer, and then wish for world peace."

Keep writing, as you said it is the primary way to become a better writer, but don't forget to keep reading as well. Reading good literature, and screenplays, helps with narrative structure and dialogue style.

Okay, okay, a Christmas wish shouldn't include advice, so I will wish that all your Christmas dreams come true. Well...except for the Mustang thing, I wish you get an Aston Martin with the full 007 package. That way, if an agent refuses to read your stuff you can follow them in your car and fire your rocket launchers at them.

Dave Olden said...

Wonderful post, Shawna.

It's fascinating, that each and every one of those wishes ('cept the mustang) is really not about getting, it's about giving, providing from yourself to someone else :)

Now, THAT'S the spirit, isn't it? :)

Best of the season.

Dave O.