Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fox finally stops toying with NBC, cancels Killer Instinct

Fox announced its Jaunary schedule and there is some good news in there for NBC.

'American Idol' will stay on Tuesday/Wednesday nights. More surprising was Fox's decision to keep 'House' on Tuesday (it was originally supposed to move to Monday after 24) and 'Bones' will air out of the 'Idol' results show on Wednesday. 'Prison Break' will be paired with 24 on Monday starting in March. Before it comes back Fox will be showing its ABC inspired 'Skating with Celebrities' (Mediaweek also has a story).

NBC can now with good conscience move 'My Name is Earl' to Thursday night, kicking Joey to another time slot or to hiatusland. CBS smiles, knowing that the Survivor/CSI juggernaut probably stopped Fox from moving American Idol to Wednesday/Thursday. While there may be room for the two giants of reality programming on one night, it's best not to tempt the TV gods.

UPDATE: Fox is so sneaky! I had to read the article AGAIN to catch that they have indeed cancelled "Killer Instinct". It's last episode will air Dec. 2. Watch List will be updated and bumped...

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Chris said...

Yay no moving House (har!). I fear change.