Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An exercise in insanity

Not that I need any other writing projects, but there is something very alluring about this. Could you allow yourself the creativity to write a novel in 30 days?

Link: National Novel Writing Month - Content


Brett said...


I've had many friends do the NaNoWriMo thing. I've known at least two who managed to finish the challenge on schedule.

I've yet to hear of anyone who actually completed the challenge *and* then did something os use with the resulting work.

Just answer this much: what is it that you want to write? Screenplays? TV? Novels? Anything that doesn't put you closer to achieving your goal is something that puts you farther from it.

Eyes on the prize.

If you WILL not be stopped, you CANNOT be stopped.
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kristen said...

I did it in 2003. It's true, I haven't really furthered my novel from that time (yet), but I still found it a really useful exercise for a lot of reasons. It does help to dispel the voice in your head that might be saying "I could never do this". You learn pretty quickly that you can.