Monday, October 02, 2006

If you watch Vanished backwards, it says 'Gale is dead'

Or at least that must be what people think -- I got a bunch of google hits from the following search terms 'gale harold vanished dead [or] fired'.

I didn't watch 'Vanished' tonight (or really any night since the pilot) but I gotta ask -- what's the deal? I don't think the guy's been fired (that would be news I'd ponder since I believe he was poorly cast to begin with).

Anyway, just another weird night in cyberspace...

In other fox news, Justice got three more scripts ordered. The limbs are still twitching.

EDIT: Highlight the invisible text below. I'm doing it this way to protect the few on the planet who are a) Vanished fans and b) still haven't seen tonight's episode.

Okay, so they did kill off Gale Harold. I may have to reconsider a show willing to kill off one of the leads. I wonder if it was a contract dispute, a creative decision or he quit/was fired? Either way, very interesting. BTW, Prison Break has gotten odd the last two weeks, hasn't it?

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