Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Random Thoughts

Vanished -- there's some audience. still getting google hits on the dang show.

Invasion -- you people are insane. It's cancelled. Over. Finito. Move On, or start holding conventions a la 'Firefly'.

Studio 60 - Do I like this show? Can someone tell me if I like it? I'm so confused.

Heroes -- More Greg Grunberg, less of the 'Wonder Twins', thanks.

Men in Trees -- kill me now; I actually LOOK FORWARD to this show. It must be a sign of the apocalypse.

Knights of Prosperity - if it's bad enough to postpone the premiere AGAIN, can we just pretend it doesn't exist and move on to midseason?

Friday Night Lights - why didn't anyone watch it? You'll watch the umpteenth retread of CSI but you won't watch this? I hate you all.

Standoff - Memo to Tim Minear: I'm available to help on this or 'Drive'. Whatever you need, really.

Eureka seson finale - wait, the show was still on? it got renewed? Curse you lingering summer shows!!

Things no longer on my DVR Season Pass: Brothers & Sisters, 6 Degrees, Vanished, Kidnapped, Smith (done after last night -- just whatevery about it), Runaway.

Shows I stupidly forget to set season pass for: The Nine. Anyone got a screener??

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tez said...

YES you like Studio 60. It's an amazing show and Matthew Perry is brilliant in it. There are some characters that need more (or less for some) definition, but the core writing is fabulous.

NOTE * this is only a viewer's observation, not a highly skilled writer and observer of all things hip like the author of this blog *