Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kidnapped being yanked after 5 episodes

No word on if production has halted. I'd say we can consider Kidnapped cancelled.

Link: the futon critic


NeoSquirrel said...

Kidnapped's been relegated to showing the rest of the filmed episodes on NBC's website after the November sweeps are over.
I guess there can be life for a show other than DVD, even after it's cancelled.

Still, I hate a network that moves a show to Saturday, the death slot of all days, rather than just coming right out and cancelling it. Moving it there is as good as dead. Get a backbone!

Tom said...

Damnit you people. Don't you know the rules?

If a show has Delroy Lindo, Timothy Hutton, and Mykelti Williamson (and apparently James Urbaniak!): you watch it.
And Jeremy Sisto's not bad either.

Sure, there were a lot of kidnapping shows this year (2), but this one had a cast worth sitting through.