Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Favorites

I'm often asked what websites I visit to accumulate my vast knowledge of all things TV. Well, dear friends, I will share with you my list of daily visits so that you can abandon me and find your info in the same places I do.

Or maybe you just like getting your news second hand. Your call.

  • The Futon Critic - The great grand daddy of all TV news. If you aren't reading this every day, you just aren't paying attention.
  • Mediaweek - Sometimes Mediaweek gets press releases out before Futon Critic. Rare, but it happens. I also visit to read Berman's Programming Insider and his offshoot forum PI Feedback. That forum is where you can find the overnights by 9 AM every day. You want Nielsens, they got 'em. You'll also get some good discussion with other tv junkies in the forums.
  • TV Week - Hey, get a free subscription and understand the dynamics of the industry! Visit the website daily to see who is hired, who is fired, and what is happening around the tv industry. The site is less focused on the programs, and more on the business, but I think a very strong argument can be made that understanding the business can be very helpful to a writer. (Did I mention you can get a free subscription to the weekly mag?)
  • The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. The industry rags. Check the Reporter in the evening if you want to read tomorrow's headlines early.
  • Google Alerts. Want to know when articles about certain topics are published? Sign up for google alerts. I have one for tv upfronts, which becomes invaluable when I want to know what is being announced, what is anticipated, etc from the wide world of print media and blogs. I also have a Google Alert for news on Nathan Fillion, but that's a topic for another day.

I also visit a variety of other sites less frequently (like for episode guides for every show on the air), but these are the daily visits. Now go forth and gobble up TV news

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