Thursday, January 04, 2007

My year in review

2006. I had a plan. For the most part, it succeeded. For the most part.

The year started out pretty uneventfully. I was writing my Cold Case spec. My House spec first draft was finished. I had set a goal to complete at least one more TV spec by end of year and finish my pilot.

Check. Check.

Having set out a writing plan and having stuck to it, I can honestly say I will be doing this every year. I might not make it every year, but the plan at least gives you a roadmap. And let's say you get an opportunity -- a contest win, an agent or A JOB. Obviously the plan changes. But let's say these things don't happen, the plan keeps you on track. The goals keep you focused. They keep you writing.

This year my plan consists of rewrites and polishes, one new spec starting in April, and one new feature. That's right, this year I'm finally circling back to where I started.

And I want 2007 to be the year I finally get my foot wedged into the door. I doubt I'll end the year with a job, but I plan to end the year with an agent. This is it, I have decided, and it WILL happen.

You watch.


The Lazy Bear said...

Good luck. I am going to be right there with you.

Tom said...

I believe in you!

Shawn said...

I wouldn't hestitate getting a foot in the door - now's the time to do it. You've got good material, so you should have no problems landing meetings with reps. Get your stuff out there, kid!

Eric said...

Yes! Do it, Shawna! I feel determined to do the same this year, too. Not sure what it is...maybe something in the water. But I feel like it's the year for me. So I'll see ya out there!

- E.