Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year, Old Year

Yippee, it's 2007! Start practicing for your check writing people!

Wow, this internet thing -- I've been away for like 20,000 years (2 weeks) and man, you can get anything on the internets.

What did I miss? People died (R.I.P. Peter Boyle, James Brown, Gerald Ford. Rot in Hell Sadaam). UFOs were spotted in Chicago! And I went on vacation.

That's right, I went on VACATION, those things were you go rest and get away from internets. My days -- lay on beach, eat, sleep. Repeat. Good times.

Yeah, the 'review of my writing journey' post is coming. Cram it, I was busy doing as little as humanly possible. And playing Guitar Hero.

Is it just me or does 'Dirt' look like the worst new show of the year? I know the year is young, but I'm willing to bet this thing is a DOG. We get enough celebutard gossip and grime in real life. I seriously doubt anything this show can do will shock us within an inch of our lives and will probably just be tacky and vile instead. Blech. Plus I don't like how good Courtney looks on the billboard. You suck, Mrs. Cox-Arquette.

Saw 'Apocalypto' (was majorly inspired after visiting Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza on Christmas Day). Wow, incredible movie. Get your life in order Mel so I can respect you fully once more.

There's a really long and interesting article you should all read in The New Yorker here. After you read it, come back and we'll discuss.

I'll update the Watch List by tomorrow at the latest. Until then, you'll just have to ponder the future of all things on your own.


Shawn said...

Did you just say Guitar Hero? I will OWN you on Sweet Child of Mine - medium level, of course. Hope you had a great holiday!

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Hey you, Happy New Year.

Scribe LA said...

Thanks for reminding me what a vacation is... I had forgotten!
Cheers for a great 2007:-)