Friday, April 08, 2005

Hullo new readers!

I see I got added to a couple of blogrolls recently (Thanks Alex at Complications Ensue!) Welcome new visitors. This site is mostly about screenwriting and my journey to become a paid, working screenwriter or TV writer. There are a lot of politics related links and yes, they are conservative politics in nature. I don't hide from my political beliefs and I'm not ashamed, though Hollywood would deem me to be poison, I aim to prove that I am as capable of producing terrible product as they are (actually, I'm out to prove that I can write stuff people want to see). So, even if you don't agree with my politics, stick around as I love to converse with writers of all shapes and sizes. I think we are all a strange breed anyway so why discount each other because we see the world differently? Isn't that what it's all about, describing the world as we see it? The fun is in the differences...

And yes, I'm obviously procrastinating from my real writing. Thanks for noticing.

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