Sunday, April 17, 2005

Out of pocket

I hope to keep you updated this week on all my writings and goings on. It may be a little more spotty than usual though as I'll be in Orlando on business. In fact, my flight leaves in 3 hours and I haven't packed.

My happy news for the day is my class instructor mostly liked my spec outline. I have some character issues to work out, but I think the story is pretty much there. I hate that I'm going to miss class this week.

Thanks to everyone for the really great comments!! I feel so special, and not in that short bus kind of way, either.

Last thing: I saw "The Amityville Horror" last night. How crazy is it if the best thing about the movie is Ryan Reynolds? That dude is RIPPED. It really helps to see terrible movies at the Arclight 21+ screening. Good movies get better and bad movies become watchable with a couple of alcoholic beverages at your side.

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