Friday, April 08, 2005

So you wanna be a screenwriter?

Are you insane?

Reasons NOT to be a screenwriter:

  • Screenwriters are not showered with attention and loving praise. Typically writers are a "necessary evil" in the film/tv biz.
  • Sure you might get paid a lot for one script -- after you've written 12 that were rejected.
  • Unless you can say "I don't mind writing for direct to video" and mean it, you should not be a screenwriter.
  • You'd better like coffee. Or insomnia.
  • Be prepared for producers, directors, actors and everyone else to find ways to take your carefully crafted story and destroy it.
  • Worse, they might make it better. That's a humbling experience, I'm sure.
  • oh, and the main reason, not to be a screenwriter: it actually requires you to write. Bonus points for writing well. Double word score if you can put together a story with interesting characters with a unique voice that demands the audience's attention.

Now, if none of that puts you off the idea of writing a screenplay, just remember, there are thousands more like you who are just as insane trying to sell something that they too have poured sweat and blood into for days on end while they try to juggle a day job or maybe even a kid or two.

Somehow I've decided to ignore my own advice and keep pressing on. I'm watching episodes of "Lost" over and over again in preparation for writing my spec. I'm still trying to get past page 65 in my current screenplay, which may be put on indefinite hold while I write the spec.

Why do I want to do this? Oh yeah, because I can't NOT do it... OCD is a bitch.

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Dave said...

next you need to do a Foxworthyesque list of "if might be a screenwriter".