Saturday, April 09, 2005

The picture

I wasn't sure about putting an actual photograph of myself on my blogger profile. For one thing, it is out of date. I won't say how long out of date but more than three years, less than eight. As soon as I get around to it I'll put a more recent photo up. That was the only one I had on a pre-existing website that I could point to.

So I'm no longer in my twenties (I'm 30). You take what you can get.

On another topic, progress made on the spec today. I think I have most of my story figured out. The trick is trying not to rehash what has already been covered in the show, but not going too far afield with my own ideas. There's a definite trick to it. Why oh why didn't I think about doing an episode of CSI or something? Those don't expose you to tinkering with existing characters. Those types of shows (procedurals) in the vein of CSI, Law & Order, etc. barely develop their main character's stories at all. Standalone episodes are easy to write. Insert crime of the moment "ripped from the headlines". Rinse. Repeat. I would choose something episodic, something harder to pull off.

This makes me a glutton for punishment. And an idiot.

*sigh* Good to know I never change much.

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