Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A little less conversation, a little more action please

Got my revised 2-page outline ready for class tonight, but I'm still feeling like a slacker. I need to seriously do some actual writing soon. Lately I've been just sitting around doodling in notebooks, acting all conteplative, while I'm actually thinking about who will win "American Idol" this time.

One thing I've been pondering about lately: when did sitcoms get so bad? I find most sitcoms on TV intolerable for more than a minute or two and once 'Raymond' and 'Arrested Development' finish their runs, I'm not sure what is left to watch. How did we arrive at this place that sitcoms suck and suck very very much? Where is a Taxi or a Cheers (early seasons) or even a Roseanne? Oh yeah, Nick at Nite...


Rock said...

Is Arrested still coming back next season? Last I heard Fox ordered a half season - not a full season. Which, well...sucks. One of the few shows I find any interest in at all. No wonder I keep my subscription to HBO (The Wire, Carnivale (gave it two seasons, loved it, but don't think I'll return for the third), Sopranos (we'll see, I always say I give up on this 2 year hiatus, show getting worse as it goes, yet there I am premiere night, watching - damn me), and the surprise enjoyment of Entourage, and the wait until Curb is back.

So, for now, just waiting until Entourage is back, an with Arrested done for the year, and the Office only kind of enjoyable, and also gone for the year, looks like the summer will be full of reality...or reality tv. We'll see.

Dave said...

How about a little more conversation -- where are you Shawna?