Thursday, April 20, 2006

Big Love renewed

Big Love gets a second season from HBO. I have to admit I don't really care about this news much. Got bored watching the first episode, and except for Harry Dean Stanton, just didn't find much which intrigued me about it.

But to each his own. If you are a fan, this is good news. Production on the 2nd season starts in August.


Shawn said...

I haven't been too thrilled with it either, and I went in with big expectations. I thought it would be funnier—there are so many opportunities for comedy within the dynamic the they’ve set up, but the writers have balked. Maybe they’re afraid of offending? Perhaps. There's also the problem that there's not much happening besides Roman trying to bilk money from Bill's home improvement stores. Where’s the drama?

I don’t think the writers will be able to stretch the sexual tensions between the wives and the family’s fear of being caught for too much longer without it getting redundant. More needs to happen—something tragic or debilitating. Anything.

I’d add Bruce Dern to the few highlights of the show. He’s been great.

guyot said...

A bit inside info as to how HBO works...

They ordered the second season of BL when they ordered the first. Carolyn Strauss loves this show so much she picked it up for 2 seasons right off the bat.

But instead of saying that, they wait and make an announcement like this, hoping to draw in more viewers.

The Colossus said...

I actually like it; I went in expecting to pan it. The characters seem so sincere that we empathize with them -- as messed up as it sounds, we're rooting for their big, polygamous family to work. I think that that is a skillful bit of screenwriting to accomplish that.

Harry Dean Stanton -- he defines a whole new level of creepy, too.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I like it a lot, they're planting a lot of seeds, espically between the youngest wife & Benny, the older son.

It's good.