Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sci-Fi Channel Goodness

Clearly the Sci-Fi Channel loves its fans. They have greenlit a spin-off series of 'Battlestar Galactica' focused 50 years earlier called 'Caprica.' Details in the link above, but I just have to say, I so heart this idea of seeing the gensis of the Cylons and the first war, I'm giddy.

Attention future "Caprica" showrunner: Hire me. Please.


Shawn said...

Nice heads up. Are these pilots being ordered to series or have they not shot anything yet?

Bill Cunningham said...

Not only are they doing Caprica for the channel but they are doing BSG webisodes for SciFi Pulse - their broadband portal of sorts. So there's double a chance to work in that 'realm'.

alexandra said...

Excellent news!

Btw, Shawna, do you want to work on any SF show, or just 'Caprica'?

Shawna said...

How about, I'd work on ANY show, period? I certainly have SF/Fantasy leanings, and I'm not afraid to say so, but at this point, I'd write for "7th Heaven" if it meant writing for a living (and yes, I know 7th Heaven is cancelled -- so I'll work on "Bones" then).