Sunday, April 02, 2006

Getting real

I finished my Cold Case spec a couple of weeks ago and have been getting notes back from friends. The first round of notes was very positive, with only minor dialogue issues. The second round of readers again noted some dialogue issues and a few action lines which needed amping up, but still no major story issues. Now I'm on round three and the now the notes are flowing. This is tough love time.

It's good to get notes. Notes make us stronger. And I knew I needed to do more work on this take a deep breath, dive into the notes and get to work.


RT said...

I, too, like getting notes.

People who don't like getting notes probably shouldn't be writing for TV or film, because everyone gets notes, and they're usually from people who aren't friends with helpful suggestions, but people who are in a position to demand things.

is that so wrong? said...

I'm all for getting notes too.... but I think there's definitely a point where too many notes can poison your original creative direction. The bastard cousin of the notes, the writing workshop, can range from high-on-life optimism to feuding firestorm of negativity.... it's interesting for me now, in the middle of the latter form of workshop, because I've totally lost my balance. Maybe I'm just at the saturation point of creative input and need to have just me and my own noggin do the writing for awhile. Now if there were only a way to bleed creative redemption out of that....