Monday, April 03, 2006

Scribosphere good news roundup

So, the last two weeks have seen a lot of activity for some of my fellow scribe-bloggers. Let's recount:

3/21 - Julie O. gets repped and then optioned.

3/24 - Captain Oats gets repped.

3/31 - Julie (who went to Hollywood) is under contract.

4/1 - Patrick Rodio gets optioned.

This doesn't even account for the several others who have recently gotten agents, sold scripts, done well in contests, etc. That's some good mojo. Anyone I miss? Don't be afraid to crow about your success here! I need to rub some Buddha belly or sommat.


Scribble94 said...

I think it was Gore Vidal who once said, "Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little." No, really, I'm happy for them. Grr.

BooM said...

I hate that quote. No offense, Scrib, since it's not yours. A friend succeeding (I think he said "writer" not "friend") is the best thing ever. Not only has your network of working friends increased, but your friend succeeded!

When I read about people I don't know getting jobs or agents or... I'm usually pretty happy for them. I choose not to look at it like "That was my slot!" more like, "so they ARE hiring people at my level, AWESOME!"

Sigh. For such a bitch, I'm an uber-optimist.

Scribble94 said...

boom, you're totally right. can't help but relate to the quote just a tiny bit, but in case my mock-envy wasn't clear, let me extend huge congrats to those who took a leap forward.

Warren said...

You know what they say about rising tides and boats and stuff. Of course, some of us don't have a boat. Still, congrats to everyone with good news. You're a beacon of inspiration for the rest of us!