Sunday, May 14, 2006

...and now for something completely different.

I should be writing my pilot treatment right now. Should. Be. Writing.

But what am I doing? Soaking up blogs and upfront news. I suck.

My parents were in town for a week so writing has been sporadic at best. Sleep is also becoming a fair weather friend. Haven't had much sleep; I get an hour here, a half hour there. It's not good, but my creative time seems to be 11PM - 2 AM. Ambien is helping, but of course, I'm all freaked out I might go for a 3 AM joyride now.

And I've made a final decision -- I'm going to Austin Film Festival this year, not the Screenwriting Expo. If the Expo people couldn't figure out how to not schedule their event against AFF, then screw them. I think I've hit my upper limit of sitting in Richard Walter seminars anyway (and I like him, but I've seen him every year, and it must stop).

No agent, no manager yet. Keep getting conflicting notes on my 'House' spec from folks. Might go out to another manager next week, just for kicks.

My former-instructor isn't returning my e-mails. This makes me sad.

Oh, so yeah, I'm writing a pilot. Except not at this moment, when I should be working on the treatment.

AFF deadline is June 1st. I'm entering my 'House' spec and my 'Cold Case', because I like to be rejected twice.


Systemaddict said...

Hush now sassy~~ You're far too harsh on yourself. I dug both specs, and I think your treatment rocks.

And hey, if I don't like it...then you know it's crap. So you're safe.


Now, get to sending me some pilot action...or else I'm taking your idea, and writing an episode...

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I think you'll kick all kinds of ass, so get working!

I might have a few meetings out that way soon, so I might be in town (could be in June) where will we go for a cold one??

Alexandra said...

Can I have a read? I'm looking for capable writers...are you interested in SF? I'll email you...